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Acinetobacter baumannii MDR-TJ


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Total size (bp) 3964912
G + C content (%) 39.11
Coding sequences 3704
Coding density (%) 87.24
Average gene length (bp) 934

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Mean spacer hisKA - HATPase domains 49
Min spacer hisKA - HATPase domains 42
Max spacer hisKA - HATPase domains 130
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TCS Organization
Orphan Pair Triad Tetrad Pentad+
11 10 1 0 0
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P2CS Predicted Histidine Kinases (16 + 0) - Phylogenetic Tree - Data Heatmap
Classic Hybrid Unorthodox CheA Classic Hybrid Unorthodox CheA
Histidine Kinase, Classic 12
Histidine Kinase, Hybrid 2
Histidine Kinase, Unorthodox 1
Histidine Kinase, CheA 1
Possible incomplete Histidine Kinase 0
P2CS Predicted Response Regulators (17) - Phylogenetic Tree - Data Heatmap
NtrC Family OmpR Family NarL Family LytTR Family AmiR_NasR Family CheY Family NtrC Family OmpR Family NarL Family LytTR Family AmiR_NasR Family CheY Family
AlpA 0AmiR_NasR 1ArsR 0BetR 0CheB 0
CheC 0CheV 0CheY 2CitT 0CsrA 0
CyC-C 0FrzZ 0HalX 0HxlR 0IclR 0
LmbE 0LysR 0LytTR 1MerR 0NarL 3
NtrC 2OmpR 8PglZ 0PilB 0PleD 0
PleD_VieA 0PrrA 0RpfG 0RsbU 0Sarp 0
Spo0A 0TrxB 0VieA 0VieB 0WcaA 0
Xre 0YcbB 0YesN 0unclassified 0
misPredicted TCS proteins (0)
misPredicted Histidine Kinase 0
misPredicted Response Regulator 0
misPredicted Phosphotransfer Protein 0
Phosphotransfer Proteins(1)
HisKa 1
Hpt 0

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